How To Pack for A PCT Thru-Hike

Now that you have finally decided to go thru-hike at the Pacific Coast Trail, it’s now time to prepare everything that you need to prepare – and one of these is preparing the things you need to bring in your hiking adventure.

Packing things for a thru-hike is quite difficult and challenging because you need to use your strategic skills to pack your things. In this article, you will know the things you need to do when packing for a PCT thru-hike as well as how you can do it right.

Packing For A Thru-Hike

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Carrying a tent is the best option you can do and most hikers said and suggest to carry a two-person tent so that you will have enough space especially during rainstorms. Make sure to choose a tent that is not too much heavy and durable.


Most hikers choose backpacks that can fill up 45L to 65L. However, it still depends on what type of gear you will bring and how many days you are up for hiking.

Sleeping Bag

When you will hike at the PCT, you will encounter 105 degrees and 20 degrees of temperature. However, most hikers go for the 200-degree bag. On the other hand, there are some hikers that chose to use trail quilts – which will help you save weight but not losing warmth.

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Water Purification

You don’t know if the water you can get from water sources along the trails of PCT is clean or what. To make sure that you will not get Gardia, use Sawyer Squeeze.

First Aid, Hygiene, and Repairs

Packing for first aid, hygiene, and repair kits are easy – the best thing you can do is only bring the essentials. Looking for a pro-hiker on the internet and watch him or her pack these things will help you know what to only bring.


Surely, getting lost is the last thing you want to happen – it’s not fun at all and deadly! Make sure to bring a paper map with you along your hiking journey as well as a compass.


When it comes to a headlamp, choose something that is light in weight and in 70 lumens or more. Also, make sure to bring extra batteries with you.

Clothing and Footwear

Only pack clothes that have synthetic and wool fabrics — don’t bring cotton ones. Choose wisely on clothes that you will bring – make sure not to overpack clothes. As for the footwear, bring the durable ones and fits on your feet perfectly and also, make sure that you are comfortable with it.

When packing things you need for a thru-hike, be strategic and wise. Don’t get overwhelmed and pack everything – even the least needed things.

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