Guide to Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

It does not matter if you love hiking that much or you are just new to it – Pacific Crest Trail has a lot of beautiful and pretty amazing things to offer. The PCT or Pacific Crest Trail starts with unexceptional wire fences labeling the borders of the United States and Mexico. From here, you can see a lot of amazing things like an arid desert, verdant mountains, volcanic landscapes, and Monument 30 which is Canada’s entry point.

Pacific Crest Trail has total miles of 2,650 which starts at a small town in USA-Mexico border called Campo and goes through Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and California. Surely, there you do not want to miss the 5 PCT section hikes such as – John Muir Trail, Sky Lakes Wilderness, Sonora Pass, Donner Pass to Squaw Valley, and Badger Flat to Little Willow Lake.

this picture shows the pacific crest trail guide to hiking the pacific crest trail

Finding A Hike

With the following list of steps, you can find a hike easily.

  • Browse through the map or even guidebook to know and discover which roads or trailheads the Pacific Crest Trail crosses or meets.
  • Browse through the internet and look for trip reports to see pictures about successful adventures of different hikers.
  • Post a question on forums or any platform that you think you can find an answer or you can also ask your friend about some advice on which place to hike.
  • Starting with short hikes will help you learn your comfort level and keep in mind that hiking requires hard work.

Tips to Hike Successfully in Pacific Crest Trail

Gather Several Hikers

Going alone and hike through the Pacific Crest Trail is not an ideal option. If you want to have a successful adventure and hike, find a person who is experienced enough to be with you through the rest of the hike. Traveling and hiking alone is risky.

this picture shows tips on hiking successfully in the pacific crest trail

Get Your Gears

You can search online about the complete checklist of things to bring when hiking in Pacific Crest Trail so that you will not miss even a single thing or gear. If there is any equipment that needs to be set up or installed, make sure to practice it before the hiking day.

Pack Your Food

When hiking, make sure to only bring high-energy and low-weight meals and snack. Hiking will require you a lot of energy so don’t you dare to bring junk food. Make sure to store it properly and protect from any animals that you will encounter through your hike.

Ensure Your Safety

Never forget to notice someone your trust about your hike. Stay on the trail, do not get lost, and if you get lost, hug the tree. Don’t forget to use your survival gear if needed.

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