Everything You Need to Know About Pacific Crest Trail

The PCT or Pacific Crest Trail is the 2nd longest trail in America that stretches from Mexico up to Canada through different states of Washington, Oregon, and California. If you are one of those hikers that want something challenging, take the route through Cascade and the Sierra Nevada and witness the most scenic and breathtaking terrain of America such as snowy mountains and scorching deserts.

In this article, you will know everything you need to learn when preparing for the wilderness adventure of Pacific Crest Trail.

Length of PCT – Where does it start and end?

PCT has total miles of 2,650 long and is divided into different sections – 18 sections for California, 7 sections for Oregon, and 5 sections for Washington; and each section has an average length of 91 miles each.

As you go over the internet, there is some information about Pacific Crest Trail stating that its total miles are higher or lower than the said 2,650 miles and it is because of two reasons:

  • The trail itself is rerouted each year for better scenery and Treadway or move the trail itself from wildfires.
  • The trail itself is mapped using only consumer-level tools and that being said, it is not measured accurately.

What to Expect When Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail

  • Make sure to pack only the important and useful things. In fact, you should pack for not more than 10-days worth of food and clothes. Wise enough, as you go through the roads, you can resupply your supplies.
  • For your 1st month, you will experience 110 degrees Fahrenheit and next, you will also experience under 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You will most likely sleep inside your tents but as days go by, you will enter towns and you will find a hostel or motel for you to stay.
  • Wildlife animals might occur during your hike, but don’t panic. Instead, you should learn the things you need to do and do it calmly.
  • You have to travel 25-30 miles long before you see any sources of water, so make sure to bring enough water to keep yourself hydrated.
this picture shows the pacific coast trail

How long does it take to hike the PCT?

So-called “Thru-Hiking” or hiking an entire trail in one season, will require your hard work and long-term commitment. For average hikers, hiking the PCT will take 4-6 months. But make sure to finish before the winter season strikes. For experienced hikers, usually, it will only take 2 months or less to finish the entire trail.

How to Prepare for Thru-Hiking the PCT?

With these following lists of questions, you will get to prepare yourself if you plan to hike the PCT:

  • Which direction do I take when I travel the PCT?
  • What permits do I need to have and how can I have it?
  • What’s the ideal timeline for PCT?
  • What kind of training do I need to take and learn for thru-hiking on the PCT?
  • What essentials must I pack?
  • What are the resupply points in PCT?
  • How will I resupply and mail my food and essentials?
  • What kind of food do I need to pack?

If you want to have successful hiking on the PCT, make sure to prepare enough for everything and the possible things that might occur.

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