Coastal Hikes in Pacific Northwest and California

The Highway 101 that is run along with America’s west coast from the Washington DC throughout Oregon to California’s, it offers access to some of the most attractive and stunning hiking routes. Pacific Northwest and California have some of the marvelous hiking places for hiking lovers. Below are some of the most beautiful hiking attraction places in the Pacific Northwest.

Shi Shi Beach

The Olympic national park is quite famous for plenty of things: it’s a dense temperate rain forecast, the American largest herd of the Roosevelt glacier-clad mountain and elks, to name few. The Pacific Coastline is located at westernmost points likewise rate among American’s treasure. This very rugged beach become part of the national park in 1977. Shi Shi beach is best for hiking and it has an unseen beauty.

Ecola State Park

When clerk and Lewis are searching for an overland way to the Pacific, they finally pick it to the western shore, and they spend a very miserable winter there. The lush forests and cliff hidden beaches encounter along with Ecola Park. Ecola park is very beautiful and natural hiking track for hikers.

Baker Beach

Think of a beach hiking trip, imagine the smooth sand stretch, few surfers, and day-trippers are lounging under their umbrellas. Usually, it’s not the case at Bakers Beach, you may see some horseback rides, wild lupine, and brown pelicans and wild strawberries, etc. At the end of Bakers Beach Road, the waters are short almost half a mile away. Bakers beach is a very nice hiking attraction place for expert and beginner’s hikers.

Umpqua Dunes

This area stretches 40 miles along with the Oregon coast, from the Florence to the Coos Bay. It’s sculpted by wind and tides; this landscape is surreal positively. There are plenty of places along with the US 101 to view the dunes, you can roll down them, but no one came close in these grandeurs to the dunes. Umpqua is a beautiful and adventurous place for hiking on the Pacific Coast.

Redwood National Park

The south of the Crescent City, along with the northernmost California coast, an ancient Redwood National Park abound. These two state parks host massive trees. Del North Coast woods and Jedidiah Smith Redwood. But in Redwood National park you can watch tallest recorded trees in the whole world. The redwood national park is the best and attractive hiking place for adventure lovers.