California Beach Hikes

this picture shows the muir beach, california beach hikes

If you are planning a trip for hiking, this is a very good idea. Nothing will give you the freshness of soul and mind like hiking out and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. California’s coastline is one of the awesome and charming hiking places in the world. Between the sun-drenched and rugged northern areas, beaches covered with sand, and Golden State has a huge variety of worthy landscape. You can explore almost the whole year. The wide and open views of the Pacific Ocean give you very fresh views. Below are some of the best coastal hikes you can explore and enjoy adventurous hiking.

Bakers Beach and Sand Ladder Trial

Bakers Beach is quite charming hiking place for hiking lovers. But if I tell you honestly the Sand Ladder Trial Beach is just awesome. Sand Ladder Trial is located in San Francisco it’s a paradise. This trail starts from the roadside, Lincoln Boulevard and ends the way to the north end of the Bakers beach. You just have to pass take 200 steps in the beach and there are logs all around joined together.

Muir Beach Overlook

Muir Beach overlook is a sweet and short hiking trail, hiking to this beautiful beach give you charming, and very beautiful ocean views. This beautiful hiking trail is located by the north end of Muir; this will lead you to the series of steps by the rocks promontory. You can overlook Big Blue Pacific, there are plenty of green trees you can watch and breath in the fresh air. Muir Beach overlook is one of the awesome hiking places for adventure hikers and hiking lover people.

california beach hike point dume

Point Dume

It’s a charming oasis for both new and experienced hikers. It is located in Malibu, this lengthy bluff is located by the western end of Santa Monica Bay, in between the Westward and Dume Cove. When you get out of the vehicle you’ll see ocean scenes in front of you instantly. You can enjoy taking a trail winding around Cliffside or can climb down by steep staircase to reach Dume Beach. This is a beautiful trail for hikers and people love to hike there.

Moonstone Beach Boardwalk

Moonstone Beach is a very beautiful and charming place for hiking. It’s a wooden trial located in the Heart San Simo Colombia. This beach follows bluffs about two miles out-and-back, this is spanning entire track of pristine shoreline by the Pacific Ocean. You can make loops by coming to the start via the beach.

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