Before Venturing in The Trees, Know This

If you are thinking about venturing into the forest and hiking trails, then you have probably been inviting friends to join you. In the event that people suggest going hiking, then they are probably thinking about a trip into nature where they can stretch their legs and escape from the everyday world of cars, computers, and bills. However, so many hikers forget to research what it is that they will be walking in to before venturing out on a hike. We had a discussion with Waterloo Tree Care Pros to get their advice.

That being said there are some things every hiker should know before embarking upon a tree filled trail:

What you should know before hiking a trail with trees:

-Tree canopies are so dense in some areas that they block the sun, which may cause shade sickness. This is caused by not getting enough UV rays and leads to nausea, headaches, vomiting, fatigue, disorientation and even death.

-Some animals carry rabies without appearing sick. While their population is usually small, it’s important to keep your distance from any animal you meet on the trail at all costs. If bitten or scratched call 911 immediately! -The seasons affect the trails conditions more than most realize. When spring comes around everything is green and lush until early summer when it starts to dry up again. Then autumn brings colors back into the trees and leaves begin to fall off the branches. -Some may tell you that there is a lot of wildlife out in nature, but it’s probably not all friendly. Do some research on what kind of animals live in your area before venturing out!

-Bugs love to invade trails just as much as hikers do, so bring bug spray and wear long sleeves if necessary.

-You should also know that bringing enough water could be an issue depending on how far you’re going and how hot it is outside. Plan accordingly.

There are countless things to consider for every single hike, no matter how short or long, easy or difficult it may be. Respect the trail while you’re on them, don’t litter, keep pets on a leash, and be aware of your surroundings at all times. These simple rules will ensure you have a much more enjoyable hike where you can truly take in the sights and sounds that surround you as well as allow for a safe trip into you.