Biotech cell therapy companies are the true core of our Client base, engaging PCT to consult on, develop, manufacture, and distribute their products on a focused path to commercialization.

There is hardly a 'typical' biotech company that chooses to engage PCT. We have worked with a wide range of cell types, cell sources, and products, autologous and allogeneic, at every stage of maturity (pre-clinical to commercial distribution), Clients headquartered in the U.S., Asia, or Europe, trials both in and/or outside the U.S., and employing numerous kinds of bioprocessing platforms.

Biotech cell therapy companies represent the most commercially mature of PCT's Client base. They trust PCT's experience and tenure to guide them in commercializing the products they have developed. They also look to leverage PCT's long-standing cell therapy expertise to help them assess potential investments, licenses, and acquisitions they are making in the cell therapy sector.