We have tailored our business and established the expertise, capacity and flexibility to allow us to maintain focus on our Clients. We want to earn your trust and ensure your satisfaction with the PCT experience.

Our Clients are as unique as the cell therapies they are developing. They include academic institutions and entrepreneurs, clinicians, biotech and cell therapy companies, pharmaceutical, device and reagent companies, as well as finance and investment organizations.

We have an exceptional track record of successfully addressing our Clients' individual needs by aligning ourselves with their unique processes and helping them build momentum every step of the way. We believe the most important measure of our success is how often Clients re-engage us when they have the option to take a project elsewhere. We strive to provide the highest customer satisfaction by staying true to our focus on our Clients and their cell therapy products, investing in hard and soft infrastructure, instilling a culture of innovation, and maintaining a highly skilled and experienced work force.